Motorola Tracker and Monitoring Software

Parents often have trouble tracking their cell phone obsessed teens, just as employers have trouble ensuring their employees aren't misusing company owned phones. If you're a concerned parent or a worried employer, and it's a Motorola phone you're trying to spy on, look no further! Mobile Software Store's has just the right solution for you. It's android monitoring app works on all Motorola phones. And it has been created with the best possible set of features. Once you're done downloading the Motorola tracker app you can remotely get a taste of a plethora of data and information from your target Motorola. Here's a look at some of the best features Mobile Software Store has to offer:

  • Real-Time Location of Motorola phone
  • Logs of all incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Browsing history with complete list of bookmarks
  • All pictures and videos created on the phone
  • Call Details, contact lists and a whole lot more

Mobile Software Store has an added advantage for its users because it works on ALL versions of Android. So whether you're trying to keep track of a Motorola phone with Jelly Bean or keeping a check on a Gingerbread, rest assured that Mobile Software Store has you covered. The superior android monitoring app from Mobile Software Store can help you monitor every single Motorola phone there is. You can tune into a 24/7 relay of information and data from your target phone. All this and more can be yours for as little as $0.50 a day.

Supported Motorola phones with Android Firmware

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“keeping track of my teens is a piece of cake!”

My kids are all teens and they all have a tendency of pushing the limits. If you tell them not to go somewhere, they'll go and lie. Tell them not to do something, they'll do it and lie. I found Mobile Software Store after a long search for something that could help me. It's now installed on all the Motorola sets my kids use. The tracking feature is great and so is the rest. I've been able to make sure they stay out of trouble, and as a single mother it's a real relief for me. I'd recommend it to other parents who aren't able to take out a lot of time for their kids.


“Managing a team used to be a challenge, but Mobile Software Store has made it a walk in the park”

When I was first made Team Leader I was ecstatic. But I had no idea what I had in store for me. My team had a couple of people who were experts at wasting time. I didn't know how to tackle the problem, but then the bosses decided to give RAZR D1 sets to my department and I jumped at the opportunity. I had Mobile Software Store installed in all phones before they were handed out to my team. Ever since then I've been able to sort through the ones that need to spend more time on work, and the ones that are just wasting company resources. Mobile Software Store has helped me become a better Team Leader and keep a tighter grip on my team.