Computer and PC Monitoring software

Whether you are a teacher looking to monitor a room full of students, or a manager needing to keep tabs on a department: Mobile Software Store Monitering Computer Tracking Software for windows and MAC is your All-in-One solution. Our advanced yet incredibly easy-to-use Desktop Monitoring Software keeps you informed and in control by sending information to your Mobile Software Store Monitering user account, such as:

  • . keystroke logging and screen Shots
  • . Complete Yahoo and MSN Chat Log
  • . Complete Web History
  • . Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail Logging
  • . Skype Chat & Call Recording

Starting for around Rs 30 (INR) per day, Mobile Software Store Monitering Software to Monitor PC provides you with a very cost effective and easy-to-use software for monitoring activities of your kids and company owned computers. Every feature in the Mobile Software Store Monitering is designed to provide you with the relevant data you need to stay informed and in control. From the moment the activity monitoring software is installed on the computer you want to track, it begins recording and relaying information directly to your Mobile Software Store Monitering user account that you can access 24/7 from anywhere on the planet.

Computer Spy Software for Windows and MAC offers Advanced Features

Keystroke Log
keylogging feature of computer monitoring software

Mobile Software Store Monitering Computer Spy software is a perfect keylogger and records every single keystroke typed on a computer.

Screen Shots

Mobile Software Store Monitering automatically takes a screen shot whenever the screen changes so you can see what sites have been visited, what programs were used, etc.

Yahoo Chat Log
Yahoo chat logging through Computer Spy Software

Mobile Software Store Monitering Computer Monitoring System tracks and records all Yahoo chat activities performed on the monitored computer.

Facebook & Gmail Chat Logging
facebook and gtalk chat logging through Desktop Monitoring Software

You can remotely monitor all facebook and Gmail chat logs

Skype Chat & Call Recording
record skype chat and calls through MAC Monitoring Software

Mobile Software Store Monitering can not only log Chat sessions at Skype but can also record all voice calls as well

Location Reporting
location reporting through PC activity monitoring

For laptops and PCs, Mobile Software Store Monitering PC Monitoring System provides real-time location reporting of target computer.

Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail Logging
msn logging through PC Monitoring Software

Mobile Software Store Monitering logs all yahoo, hotmail and gmail emails viewed on browser of target computer

Computer Access Tracker
track computer through Computer tracking Software

Unique feature offered by Mobile Software Store Monitering which shows picture of computer user and location at specific events

Boost Productivity and Profits

If you are a business owner or business professional in charge of one or more employees, PC Monitoring can help boost overall performance because: A Monitored Employee is a More Productive Employee. In addition, our advanced computer spy software for windows and MAC can help identify potential litigation risks (like sexual harassment claims) before they become a problem.

Protect and Monitor Students

With many schools already providing laptops to students to complete all assignments, more and more school districts are turning to Mobile Software Store Monitering PC Monitoring Software to help monitor and protect students from potential online threats. Our pc activity monitoring software can also help boost student performance by cutting down or eliminating unsanctioned activities like chatting, personal emails, etc.

Protect and Monitor Your Children

There are all kinds of people on the Internet including some that may want to harm children. Mobile Software Store Monitering Monitoring Software helps protect your children from these potential threats by helping you monitor all the activities of your kid performed on the Internet via PC or laptop.

Whether you are a parent, school administrator, business owner or business professional, Mobile Software Store Monitering Computer Tracking Software keeps you informed and in control at all times.

  • Get Started for Less than $0.50 a Day
  • Download and Install in few Minutes
  • Monitor PC of Employees, Students and Children
  • Boost Productivity and Profits
  • Safeguard Children and Students from Online Threats
Become Our Next Success Story

“Your MAC Spy software literally helped boost our company's efficiency by nearly 15%!”

After reading a study that said the average employees waste up to an hour a day on personal emails and web browsing, I knew we needed to monitor PC of our employees because in these times-no business can afford waste. I was stunned by the results! After just one month, your desktop monitoring software literally helped boost our company's efficiency by nearly 15% for all office staff! I highly recommend your pc monitoring software to any business that needs to cut waste and boost efficiency.


“Your Windows monitoring software helped us catch the guilty student in just one day!”

I am in charge of the computer lab at our school and earlier this year-well, some "inappropriate content" was downloaded onto several computers in the lab. Since students weren't even supposed to access such materials or download them and we couldn't trace it back to anyone's access code, we were clearly dealing with a savvy student that we would have to catch in the act. Your Windows Spy Software helped us catch the guilty student in just one day!


Supported Operating Systems by Mobile Software Store Monitering PC Activity Monitoring Program

Mobile Software Store Monitering spy software for PC supports most of popular versions of Windows i.e Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. All popular versions of MAC including Snow Leapord, Lion and Mountain Lion are supported by Mobile Software Store Monitering MAC monitoring software.

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