BlackBerry Messenger BBM Spy

BlackBerry Messenger Chats can reveal a lot about your kids and employees who use company owned devices. Chatting is the new in thing when it comes to communication and Mobile Software Store's products ensure that you can keep your finger on the pulse of every BBM chat there is. By using a Mobile Software Store product you can:

  • . Monitor the content of the entire BBM chat
  • . Also view the time and date of chat messages sent and received.
  • . Know which appointments are made in real time thanks to alerts
  • . View earlier chats saved in the device, since they will be automatically sent to your online dashboard when the phone is connected to internet

How BBM Chat Logging Works

Mobile Software Store provides access to BBM chat logs in no time. Mobile Software Store copies all the chats taking place through BBM and then uploads those to the online panel so that they can be viewed by the user.

How Can BBM Spy feature Help you

BBM chats have become the major form of communication on a Blackberry devices and this feature was built keeping that in mind. It is very useful for parents who want to keep a check on their teens' extra-curricular activities and interactions. Employers can also benefit from this feature by tracking their employees' time spent away shirking work.

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